Shopping Online Securely

Shopping Online Securely

Shopping online is here to stay, and it is a great way of window shopping without wearing out the shoe leather, and finding things of the beaten track.

You will not have to worry about pickpockets, or getting short changed, but to make sure that you’re not leaving your guard down on your personal and financial information, it’s worth taking a few moments each time you’re likely to make a transaction to make your information as safe as you can.

Keeping your software updated is one of the easiest things to do, and where laziness could be repaid by trouble coming back to bite you. Software updates are constantly Continue reading “Shopping Online Securely”

Journey On Our Roads

A Journey on our Roads

“The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began, now far ahead the roads have gone, and I must follow, if I can. Pursuing it with weary feet until it meets some larger way, where many paths and errands meet, and whither then, I cannot say”.

A look at roads in the fantasy world of Lord of The Rings by Tolkien, painting a romantic and slightly mysterious air around the road, and whatever the distance might bring.

In the days of walking with a pack pony, or for the wealthy, on horseback, in this country, (far from Continue reading “Journey On Our Roads”

Solar Powered Lighting

The Benefits of Solar

For garden and outdoor lighting, solar has several key advantages including portability, and no need to need an electrician to install the lights and connect them to the mains as well as the added flexibility that non mains lights offer.

Modern lights are very efficient, using low voltage LEDs that use very little power, giving much improved working ranges with comparatively small solar panels.

Lights are made for a wide range of applications, from sealed units designed for garden decking, string fairy lights, spot lights, ambient lighting for flower beds, security lighting, pathway lighting, lamp post style etc.

The most important factor is to avoid cheap, low quality units because the technology required needs a good quality panel and quality batteries to work well.

Many people buy their lights off the internet, using lower cost international vendors who sell cheaper units that are not optimized to work well in UK weather conditions.

If you want your lights to work then spend a little more on equipment that was designed for our, overcast, oft raining weather and you will have lights that shine all night long!

Good quality solar lights will last for several years and the only issue you should encounter is a lack of efficiency in battery life, but otherwise they will continue to function as new.


Is Mobile Phone Use The New Drink Driving?

Mobile Phone Use Affects Driving More Than Alcohol

Recent statistics indicate that using a mobile phone while driving impairs your reaction time even more than drinking alcohol does.

This is a startling development because it seems that the majority of motorists don’t consider using their phones to be a big deal.

Over 30% of drivers admit having used their phones while driving, and it seems that smart phones are Continue reading “Is Mobile Phone Use The New Drink Driving?”

What Is Backlink Congruence?

SEO & Backlink Congruence

In recent years, Google has dramatically improved their penguin algorithm, making it very efficient at measuring the backlink congruence for each of the backlinks pointing to each page of your website.

Not only do your links need to be ‘Google friendly’ on websites that Google values and more importantly trusts, but they also need to meet other more demanding criteria to have the most benefit for Continue reading “What Is Backlink Congruence?”