What Is Backlink Congruence?

SEO & Backlink Congruence

In recent years, Google has dramatically improved their penguin algorithm, making it very efficient at measuring the backlink congruence for each of the backlinks pointing to each page of your website.

Not only do your links need to be ‘Google friendly’ on websites that Google values and more importantly trusts, but they also need to meet other more demanding criteria to have the most benefit for your SEO.

Anchor Text Density

The exact match anchor text density of your backlinks is the most common method of over optimization. If you combine exact match density with over use of the same phrase on your page of content, you stand very little chance of ranking at all, let alone at or near the top of Google SERP’s.

What is Congruence?

Congruence can be defined as relevance. You need to ideally attract backlinks from within content that is relevant to the content that your page discusses.

The best quality links are ‘reference’ links whereby a site discussing a topic references a page of your site which gives definitive information about an aspect of their topic. These type of links are used in Wikipedia a great deal and are the links you should aim to attract.

If your content is not related to the content where your backlink originates, the link will count much less as it will lack the necessary congruence & relevance needed to pass trust and authority.

Trust & Authority

If you analyse the top ranking websites for almost any search term, using ahrefs.com or majesticseo.com you will see that the majority of the top ranking sites (but not always all of them) have either a dominant link category or a substancial proportion of links that carry a dominant link category that is relevant to the product, service or subject matter.

Congruent links from sites with the same link category or categories will help you the most to rank well.

Seek out link building from sites that are classified with appropriate categories and you will pass increased relevance to your page content which will enhance your rankings. Deehoseo.com can help you to create new high trust backlinks to your site content.

Identifying suitable links can be a massive challenge and can also be very time consuming if you don’t have experience of what to look for and how to establish a new link. You should only aim to build links using the best quality practices otherwise even a potentially good link can count against you in SERPs.